Voice to the Nations Foundation (VNF) was established to increase awareness and assistance for populations in need of economic assistance throughout the world.

Fighting poverty is more successful when providing educational assistance as well.  Furthermore, meeting the needs of the individuals allows us an opportunity to share the love of Christ in their lives with our actions as well as our testimony.

Our motto is simple. To quote Dr. Lonnie Rex, renowned organizer of humanitarian organizations: If God opens a door, walk through it.

About Our Team

Lam T. Chuong
Born in divided Vietnam, young Lam was three years old when South Vietnam fell to Communist rule in 1975. His father was killed by the northern army during the fall of Saigon. Miraculously surviving hunger and hardship in the effort to escape Vietnam, Lam survived and was given a chance at life. Now a leader in the community, he follows a calling to serve humanity. Read more of his incredible story.
Ronald Bryant, MD
Vice President
As practicing internist based in Houston, Dr. Bryant has lead multiple overseas medical missions. He and his wife, Victoria continue to have a passion for the underserved.
Victoria AiLinh Bryant, PharmD
A doctor of pharmacy who has served in many medical teams to Vietnam, Victoria knows the plight of those in need as well as anyone. Raised from humble beginnings, she continues to have the drive for meaningful contribution to the lives of others.
Mariann Lam Gor
As an occupational therapist specializing in geriatrics and rehabilitation, Mariann has participated in domestic disaster relief efforts and international medical missions trips. She continually aspires to impact thousands across nations who are suffering physically and spiritually, giving hope to those in need.
Dr. Lonnie Rex
Board of Directors
Author, humanitarian, classical pianist, are a few of Dr. Rex’s titles. Dr. Rex is an undisputed legend in the field of humanitarian causes. As original founder of David Livingstone Foundation, the impact of Dr. Rex’s impact has reached all over the world. Serving countless organizations, he has helped to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands in many nations.
Drs. Sharon and Jay Gartman
Board of Directors
As active community leaders, the husband and wife duo are members of our board of directors who serve as both advocates and advisors. Their decades of leadership experience are a valuable contribution to our vision and direction.
Audrey La Manito, Esq
Board of Directors
An attorney and journalist, Audrey is passionate about justice. After witnessing countless injustices against the neediest members of society, she decided to open the Manito Law Firm with a simple goal: to make “justice within reach.” Her practice is modeled after Isaiah 1:17: “Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow.”